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Webinar → Endoscopic Ear Surgery and Robotics ► Tuesday, June, 30th, 2020

Introduction :
• Pr Mohamed BADR-EL-DINE (President of the IWGEES, President of the Egyptian Society of Skull Base Surgery - Alexandria, Egypt)
• Pr Vincent COULOIGNER (Secretary-General SFORL - Paris, France)
• Nicolas PRÉVOST (CEO Collin SAS - Bagneux, France)

Endoscopic Ear Surgery : Pros & Cons
• Pr Livio PRESUTTI (Former President of the IWGEES - Modena, Italy)

How to progress in EES
Between learning curve and performance
• Pr Hassan CHELLY (Member of the IWGEES - Casablanca, Morocco)

Robot assistance for middle ear endoscopic surgery: what can you expect ?
• Pr Yann NGUYEN (Paris, France)

Conclusion :
• Pr Mohamed BADR-EL-DINE